During the weeks my father was passing away I humbly believe God helped me to suddenly realize that at least one close family member should pray with our close relatives who are passing.

Matthew 18:20 says : “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

We certainly need God in our midst when we are sick or passing away !!

Praying and quoting Bible verses helps my mother who has late stage ALZ and serious medical and memory problems .

When mother moved into assisted living because of her medical problems worsening she was very sad and she also seemed to be sad when I initiated praying with her.

I was about to quit but then she began finding comfort in prayers. Now when I ask her if she would like to pray she is very enthusiastic.

She does not like to pray with me when anyone else can hear. I’m not sure but she may cry if someone else tries to pray with her.

She has extensive memory loss and I was surprised when she learned the prayer I recite impromptu that includes parts of Bible verses including John 3:16. When I have time I will try to write the prayer down, but I think it is more important for all Christians to create (or find) their own prayer that includes believing in the Holy Trinity and believing Jesus died on the cross so all believers will be saved from their sins. I also believe we should pray for forgiveness for our sins and pray God will help us sin less.

I always ask mother if there is anything she would like to add and she always does.

I usually close by saying something like this :

God please help us to always remember that you are always with us and no matter what happens here on earth we can look forward to a beautiful eternity filled with your love and all our family and friends forever.

Mother realizes her body is failing her and many nursing home patients do. That’s why I decided to add the last line; she really likes that !!

I respect everyone’s opinion. If we move to assisted livings or nursing homes that will likely be our last home on earth. I think it is helpful if we realize the only reason we exist is because of God, and we can find comfort knowing we exist in his love and Holy Spirit.

Psalm 46:1 says “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”

Colossians 1:17 says “And he is before all, and by him all things consist.” 

When mother first went to assisted living I said those and other Bible verses to myself repeatedly because mother was so unhappy and crying often and everything seemed so out of control.

I did not feel comfortable praying with mother one on one at first, but the Bible says God does not like lukewarm Christians.

I’ve been blessed by God showing me my body will fail me and God is the only source of our spiritual strength and salvation. I’m trying not to turn people off but I am doing everything I can to give my life to God and try to sin less.

I have read that the enemy somehow reminds of us our sins and makes us wonder who we are to be seeking  God and professing our belief. I’m just explaining this because when I read two authors writings about the enemy that helped explain some of the doubt I was experiencing.

I love the book “The Power of a Praying Life” by Stormie O’Martian. She is one of he best spiritual coaches I have ever had !!

I will close by telling nursing home staff and caregivers they become some of the most important people that the residents have ever known in their lives. Along with the family, the staff and caregivers accompany the residents through their final years and days on earth and can provide great love and comfort !

God please help and comfort all nursing home and assisted living residents, caregivers and staff !!

(I am visually handicapped and unable to respond to comments but I will read and appreciate them and possibly include any ideas in future posts)

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